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Wilsonville Oregon Korean War Memorial
Often referred to as the "forgotten war", the Korean War claimed tens of thousands of American and Korean lives during its three, long, bloody years in the early 1950s. Among those lost were 287 Oregonians who are honored, along with all those lost during this conflict, by the Oregon Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA) Memorial in Wilsonville, Oregon. Located just south of Portland off of Interstate 5, numerous signs (in both directions) guide visitors to this spectacular memorial to all those lost during the Korean War.

Once they arrive, visitors take a short walk into the park where the Memorial stands in honor of those lost. The names of the Oregonians who gave their lives during the war are inscribed on the 94 foot long Wall of Honor memorial centerpiece. Carved into Carmelian granite, their names are forever remembered. In addition, a twelve foot wide brick terrace runs the length of the Wall of Honor. Each brick contains the name of one of the hundreds of generous donors who made this memorial possible.

As if keeping watch over the Memorial site, five flags fly proudly 30 feet in the air. These flags from the United States, the Republic of Korea, the United Nations, the State of Oregon, and for MIA/POW beckon visitors to remember that no matter what differences we encounter in each other, life is fragile and can be easily lost at the hands of careless individuals.

Displaying both national and state pride, hundreds of Oregonians and Korean citizens braved the Oregon rain to attend the memorial dedication of the KMVA Memorial on September 30, 2000. A magnificent blend of Korean and American cultures, the Memorial encourages visitors to stop and remember those who gave their lives in the past for the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Located within a 5.5 acre Town Center Park in the city of Wilsonville, Oregon approximately 10 miles south of Portland off Interstate 5. Highway signs (KWVA Memorial) point to the location as you approach Wilsonville.

Click the picture above to see a special view of the entire wall which was put together from 12 images and allows one to view the names.

This was shot freehand on a leisurely outing. Please excuse some slight alignment issues.

Korean War Memorial Photo
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