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How Our Service Is Different


We take pride in being flexible and attentive to the needs of small business owners and we can customize just about any portion of the tour.


  • Discounts may be given for competitive bids, repeat clients and seasonal work. So it is best to call for current pricing. (Repeat clients receive additional discounts)
  • Each tour comes with free hosting of 2 sites. One for RMLS use (without your contact information) and one with your contact information)
  • 30 Second Low Resolution Video Clip Are Provided Free
  • Hosting of agent provided material. Flyer's, pictures, maps etc is also free.
  • CD of Images is provided free of charge.
  • It is preferred that the location has power as the photographer brings extra lighting equipment.
  • Turn around time is 24 hours for most orders.
  • Sessions will include more tours than requested by the client so additional or alternate images may be chosen.

Some Business Facts

  • We are a registered business with the State of Oregon.
  • We have a business account with Rivermark Credit Union in Beaverton.
  • We accept checks and cash as forms of payment but we also have a...
  • Full Merchant Account as well which allows us to take Visa and Mastercard directly, not just a paypal.com account.
  • We respect your property and that of your clients. We wear protective gear while on site and if required for an extra fee can protect the carpets for you.
  • We can shoot evenings and weekends on short notice.
  • Turnaround time on photos (provided everything is approved) is usually 1 day
  • We do not charge up front or on site for service performed.
  • We only bill when you are satisfied with the work.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and is our number one goal.

503-343-5150 Toll Free 866-423-9638
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